Breed of the Month

Ragdoll This gorgeous, medium haired feline is known for its playful and cuddly nature.

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Changing Tides

As you come into the clinic, you and your pets will notice a change in the air. Aurora Animal Clinic is not only upgrading its walls but also it’s team.

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Case Study: “Ouch”

Patient Data Your shift has started in the evening and within minutes, your first patient has arrived.

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Breed of the Month: Shih-Tzu

The Shi-Tzu is one of the cutest breeds of canine royalty. Historically bred to be companions for royalty, this adorable species is one of the most common favourites for growing families.

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How to Properly Apply Parasite Prevention to Your Dog

Check out our video blog on how to apply Advantage Multi on your dog. Written by Aurora Animal Clinic

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