Blog: Dental Care

Aurora Animal Clinic logo and veterinarian performing a dental procedure on a dog

Anesthesia Free Dentals: What to Know

Dental disease in pets is an important topic in veterinary medicine and is constantly evolving. We have noticed an increasing amount of interest in the concept of dental cleaning and scaling of a pets’ teeth without the use of anesthesia.

Veterinarian examining a dog's teeth

February Is Pet Dental Month!

You may have seen our posters adding bright smiles to our clinic walls.

Olive the dog with a face mask on

A Dental Day in the Life of Olive

Hey everyone, my name is Olive and my mom is a top-notch nurse here at Aurora Animal Clinic.

Getting Your Pet Used to Teeth Brushing

Quick Tips to Make Brushing Teeth Fun

Start’em Young! The easiest way to teach a dog to enjoy having their teeth brushed is to start training as a puppy! That being said, old dogs can learn new tricks too! The goal is to start off slow, let them explore the toothbrush and let them simply lick the...