Breed of the Month – February

Domestic Shorthair
Cat Breed
Average Weight: 11-15 lbs
Average Life Span: 15-20 years
General Colours: Various colours (Grey, Black, Tabby, Brown, etc.)
Activity Level: Moderate

The Domestic Shorthair cat or DSH breed classifies the large group of cats with mixed heritage. They are the mutts of the cat world, and we love them for it. They have many different colour variations and patterns that make for some of the most lovable combinations to walk the earth. Their short and easy to groom coat makes them low maintenance for their families. Their personalities can be just as versatile as their coats, ranging from docile, to playful, and timid to bold. These cats have been making fantastic additions to all different kinds of homes, and their mix mash of ancestry means they aren’t prone to any one medical condition like some of the purebred counterparts.

Written by: Rachel Russell, RVT