Irish Wolfhound

Dog Breed

Average Weight: 105-120 lbs
Average Life Span: 6-8 years
General Colours: Black, Grey, Grey+Brindle, Brindle
Activity Level: Moderate

In honour of St. Pats this month’s breed is the beautiful Irish Wolfhound!
While they aren’t small, green, or gold-hunters, these gorgeous giants are well loved by their families across the world.

Their temperament is very much that of the gentle giant, being quick to cuddle and eager to please. They are apart of the hunting dog category and throughout their younger years are happy to go on long walks, and play chasing games. As they age they are more likely to cuddle up with you but should still get good exercise to keep them healthy and strong.

With any large breed dog, some things to keep an eye on are Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (check out our blog) and joint issues. Joints can be supported with chews or tablets (give us a call for more info).

Check out these super cute pics of one of our very own Irish Wolfhounds Fergus!

Fergus the dog lying down outdoors Fergus the dog lying on couch

Written by: Rachel Russell, RVT