Dog chewing on a bone held by Santa

Protect Your Dog’s Teeth

This holiday season when you’re filling your pet’s stocking, there is one festive present in particular that should be avoided. Deer/Elk/Unicorn Antlers! Not only does Santa not recommend them (for nine obvious reasons), neither does your Veterinarian. Antlers are much too hard for your dog’s teeth. It is recommended by veterinary dental specialists that dogs […]

Dog wrapped in Christmas lights

Pet Safety During The Holidays

All things stringy! Tinsel, garland and ribbons are beautiful and pets love them too! That being said, “stringy” objects can easily be ingested by pets. This type of foreign body is of extra concern because it causes the intestines to bunch up and ribbon and tinsel can be very sharp on the sensitive intestinal walls. […]

Dog lying on the floor with a bandaged paw

5 Questions to Ask your Veterinarian

1. How is my pet’s body condition and weight? Even being overweight by a few pounds can lead to significant health problems later in life such as diabetes & joint disease. Studies have shown that animals in lean body condition live longer. The earlier in life you are aware of your pet’s body condition the […]

Cat lying down indoors

8 Tips for Feeding Your Pet

How do I know if what I’m feeding my pet is OK? Is it better to do homemade food? What ingredients are good? How much should they have? Is grocery store food really that bad? There is always a whole bunch of questions that we ask ourselves when reaching for that giant bag of kibble. […]