Paw Love

Paws are easily the most popular part of our furry companions. We just love their heart-shaped appearance; they are so soft and tiny. (It’s like baby feet)

With that said, here are two things to keep an eye out for our furry friend’s precious paws.


Those beautiful summer days can bring the heat! Our sidewalks and pavement get hot at these times of the year. It’s easy for our pups to quickly burn their toes on the scalding pavement.

Be aware of this when going on walks. You can purchase paw balms to help protect against the burning and cracking, but you can also try walking more on grass surfaces (like parks and trails)


With our lovely Canadian winters comes great wintery paw troubles. The cold temperatures cause our pups paws to dry out and crack (much like our own hands can do). It can be painful and cause those super-plush paws to turn rough quickly. The other thing to keep in mind is the winter brings ice, which leads people to bring out that good old sodium chloride (salt). Salt can burn and be very painful to wet and dry paws.

So what can you do?

You can buy booties, yes they look silly but are very effective.
Try towelling off their paws when they come inside from a walk. Be sure to check between the toes for packed in snow and salt.

Give the clinic a call if you have any more questions!

Written by: Rachel Russell, RVT