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AAHA, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, and Aurora Animal Clinic

We are proud to be AAHA accredited! Below is information on what the clinic does as part of AAHA and the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.

Kaiser the cat

Pet of the Month: Kaiser!

Meet out pet of the month, Kaiser!


Pet of the Month: Fergus

AKA: Fergiferg, Greg Breed: Irish Wolfhound Age: 3.5 years Diet: Whatever I like at the moment! Sometimes socks when I’m feeling naughty (not vet approved or recommended)! I love Dasuquin chews!

pet of the month

Pet of The Month: Olive

AKA: SpiderPig, BatPig, PigPig Breed: French Bulldog Age: 6 years Diet: Medical Royal Canin Mobility Favorite pastime: Napping and eating Favorite toys: Things that squeak when I shake them! Friends: My mom, and I have one friend named Mandi! Bed of choice: My Bowser bed! Its cozy, cute and donut...