What to Know About Cat Trees

Cats love to have their own space to sleep away the day while their owners are busy at work making money to buy them new toys. Structures known as ‘cat trees’ come in various sizes and shapes and are great additions to your home to keep your furry feline happy. Cats love to be up high where they have a great view of everything going on in the home. Most cat trees have high perches where your cat can curl up, feel safe and get away from that horrible dog. Having the structure near a window also gives them a great nature channel to watch while home alone.

Many cat trees come with different levels or steps and an enclosed area that your cat can squeeze into to hide as cats like to do. Choose a tree that suits your cats needs. For example if your cat loves to hide, make sure your tree has an area for that. Many come with attached dangling toys giving your kitty important enriching playtime opportunities while you are gone. Many also have scratching post areas which are a great addition if you do not want a shredded sofa. Cat trees are an-all-in-one cat palace where your cat can hang out and feel safe.

Cat trees are available at many stores and for a variety of prices. If you are feeling especially adventurous you can even make your own cat tree. My cat tree at home is actually a homemade cat boat. The hull of the boat is made of wood and has two round openings on either side for my cat Tika to enter in or out. I put some fuzzy blankets in there for her to cuddle up with if she is feeling antisocial. The boat has two ‘smoke stacks’ with platforms on top for her to lie on, one is short and one is tall. These are made from PCV piping with wooden tops and screwed into the wooden base. The tall platform is her favourite spot of all time and she spends most of her lounging time there on a nice soft cushion. I wrapped thick rope around the ‘smoke stacks’ that can be used as scratching posts. I also covered the hull of the boat in carpeting for all of her scratching needs. My couch is now only somewhat shredded.  All the materials were bought at the local hardware store. Be creative and see what you come up with! Your cat will thank you.


By Natalie Sacks, RVT