Update: Canine Influenza (H3N2)

Canine influenza is a current growing concern in Ontario, as discussed in our January blog (https://www.auroraanimalclinic.com/canine-influenza-virus/).

Here are where things stand, as per Dr.Weese at OVC:

  • The outbreak in the Windsor area seems to be under control, there haven’t been any new cases reported
  • The Muskoka/Orillia area does have a few new cases in the past few weeks, but otherwise is seemingly well controlled
  • Northumberland is still experiencing an outbreak, theirs has been harder to control as they cannot figure out where the source is (i.e dog park, grooming salon, dog shows etc)

Current Recommendation

  • Avoid taking unvaccinated dogs to these areas
  • Avoid high dog traffic areas i.e. dog parks, festivals, etc
  • Be vigilant about socializing dogs

We do have Canine Influenza vaccines available for owners who feel their dog is at a high risk of coming in contact with Influenza. We are not necessarily recommending that every dog receive one, but vaccinating on a case by case basis.

Written by Caitlin Johnston, RVT

Information from: https://www.wormsandgermsblog.com/2018/03/articles/animals/dogs/canine-influenza-update-ontario-mar-23-2018/