The Purrfect Holiday

Friends are laughing, ornaments flying everywhere, gifts tucked under trees, etc. We love the holiday season, and we love our cats, but sometimes the two don’t always go together.

Here are four tips to keep your cats happy during all the merriment!

Feline Sanctuary:

When the festivities bring guests, it can get overwhelming. It’s a great idea to have a room where our friends can hang out, with a comfy bed, some toys, water and preferably closed doors. Closed doors keep out scary and shocking noises that can stress out your cat out and also makes sure they can’t get out that constantly opening and closing the front door.

It’s uncanny: (Canny: cat-nanny):

Sometimes the holidays take us on weekend trips. If you’re headed out of town, grab a friend to check in on the kids a few times a day. Change the water, feed, and give them a good few bum scratches.

Get Smelly:

This clinic can provide you with great diffusers and sprays that can provide calming pheromones at a busy time.

Cat safe decorations:

It’s not easy to have feline friendly decor at Christmas, everything sparkles, rings, jingles, hangs, and does all things cat toy like. Try to keep decor at a level above cat reach (decorate the crown moulding, and keep the super sparkly shiny ornaments on the upper levels of the tree). You can make decorations out of modelling clay for your tree and avoid ribbons or wires to hang things. Great tools for temporary decor are semi-permanent adhesive hooks.

Have a purrfect holiday!!

Written by: Aurora Animal Clinic