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Common Side Effects of Vaccines

What’s Normal and What to Watch For?

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Update: Canine Influenza (H3N2)

Canine influenza is a current growing concern in Ontario, as discussed in our January blog (https://www.auroraanimalclinic.com/canine-influenza-virus/).

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What You Need to Know About Lepto

What Is It? Leptospirosis is a bacteria that can infect over 160 species of mammals including humans and pets. There are many different strains (serotypes) of leptospirosis each having one or more “reservoir” hosts who shed the bacteria but are not ill from it.

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Anesthesia Free Dentals: What to Know

Dental disease in pets is an important topic in veterinary medicine and is constantly evolving. We have noticed an increasing amount of interest in the concept of dental cleaning and scaling of a pets’ teeth without the use of anesthesia.

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