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dog near water

Water Safety for Dogs

  Not all dogs like to swim! Not everybody can swim like Michael Phelps. Similarly, neither can every dog. Never force your dog to swim. There is a preconceived misconception that dogs are born knowing how to swim, this is not true.

blog about coyotes

Coyote Safety

With suburban neighbourhoods sprawling, we are seeing a frightening increase in coyote encounters in both our canine and feline patients. Coyotes are rarely aggressive towards humans, however, they often view our canine/feline companions as food or mates.

Donuts, chocolates and jelly beans behind a NO symbol

How to not break your dog’s heart this Valentine’s Day

While you are eating Lindt chocolate this Valentine’s Day, please avoid sharing them with the love of your life… your dog! Chocolate is harmful to dogs for a couple of reasons. The sugar content alone in chocolate is enough to cause vomiting and diarrhea. In some cases, especially for dogs...