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Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs

  Marijuana toxicity is a growing issue in the USA, especially in states where its use has become legalized. With that potentially on the horizon in Canada, it is important that pet owners be aware of the signs and side effects of marijuana ingestion in their pets.


Aurora Animal Clinic’s Favourite Cat Toys!

The most common concern of cat owners these days is their cat’s WEIGHT. It can sometimes be a touchy subject as a lot of owners feel as though they are trying and not getting results.

spring pet caution

Spring Caution: Mouldy Treasures

Tremorgenic mycotoxicity is a major concern in the spring as the ice and snow melt and reveal the moldy “treasures” underneath. It is the result of your dog (or cat, but this happens less often) ingesting moldy food or plant material. The main offenders are: moldy breads, cheese, fruits and...

Brutus the dog

Brutus’ Big Dental Day!

8:00am – Brutus arrives fasted at the clinic, and is quite upset about missing his breakfast. His mom fills out his anesthetic consent sheet, while he gets comfortable in the treatment area. 8:30am – Brutus has pre-operative bloodwork done to make sure his internal organs are in tip-top shape for...