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Staff Pet Joey Kean

Staff Pet: Joey Kean

AKA: Slowey Joey, Sloesph, Doey, Dodo

Dog in a dog house

What to Look For In a Boarding Kennel

The first thing you need to consider is which available option best suits your pet’s lifestyle. Some companies offer a sitter that will come to your house for walking, feedings and social time. This may be the better option for cats and senior dogs, who are generally happier in their...

Owner with a dog on a retractable leash

The Problem with Retractable Leashes

We all understand the appeal of the retractable leash. Your dog is free to toodle around and enjoys themselves while you enjoy a peaceful walk, without getting your shoulder pulled out of its socket. However, these leads do not come without risk. First off, it is important for your dog...