Staff Pet: Joey Kean

AKA: Slowey Joey, Sloesph, Doey, Dodo

Breed: Boston Terrier-ish

Age: 3 years in December 2017!

Diet: Purina EN kibble. So maybe I have a little issue with passing gas, as a lot of brachycephalics do! My mom chose a gastric diet to improve “air quality for all.” It tastes great and keeps my belly in good working order!

Favourite Pastime: Sleeping, tooting, harassing my sister Holly May and chasing my flying squirrel toy!

Friends: EVERYONE WHO LIKES TO PLAY. I really love big dogs because I love wrestling! My very best friend is Peter the golden, we have a lot of fun at his farm!

Toy of Choice: I love my flying squirrel and anything that has treats in it!

Likes: I love coming to work! Endless treats!

Dislikes: Getting wet, water on my feet…ew, no. I also don’t like when people touch my tail and when my mom says “No!”

Fun Fact: I am employed at AAC as the Puppy Socializer. I will play with anyone, anywhere, anytime. I get paid in Benny Bully’s =)