Aurora Animal Clinic is an accredited American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) clinic and we adhere to the AAHA vaccination initiative which was a collaboration of veterinary internists, immunologists, and practitioners across North America. In accordance with their recommendations, we have implemented a 3-year duration of immunity core vaccination program in dogs to prevent serious and communicable diseases and we have chosen industry partners whose vaccines have been tested to provide 3-year immunity. Our goal is to safely prevent disease and avoid unnecessary over-vaccination.

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What types of vaccinations do you offer for adult dogs?

We offer the core recommended 3-year vaccination for Rabies and the 3-year vaccination for canine distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus (DAP). There are non-core vaccinations available for leptospirosis, Lyme disease, kennel cough and canine parainfluenza that we administer under certain circumstances based on your dog’s lifestyle and travel.

Is there a schedule for how often to vaccinate a dog?

In Ontario, rabies vaccines need to be boosted within 1 year of the initial vaccination and then every 3-years. Rabies vaccination recommendations are in accordance with the Health of Animal Act and are required by law. The DAP core vaccine is given every 3 years following the initial series are given as a puppy. All non-core vaccines are administered annually.

Why is it important to vaccinate your dog?

Vaccines are proven to save lives and protect animals from serious and potentially fatal diseases. At the Aurora Animal Clinic, we strive to treat each patient as an individual. We consider lifestyle, travel history, and current health status when developing a vaccination protocol for your dog.

How much does dog vaccinations cost?

Since most dogs are on an individual vaccination schedule please contact the clinic at 905-727-9499 so that we can let you know which vaccinations your dog is due for and the cost of those vaccines.

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