Soft Tissue Surgery

These are surgeries (including desexing), which deal with tissues other than bones and joints. Some procedures that we perform more commonly include removal of tumours in or under the skin, soft palate surgery, anal gland removal, aural hematoma surgery and abscess drainage. Operations within the abdomen include removal of foreign bodies and tumours as well as exploratory surgery to assist diagnosis and take biopsies for histopathology.

Orthopedic Surgery

These are surgeries involving the bones and joints. They include repair of fractured bones, cruciate ligament rupture and surgery to correct patella luxation. After a physical exam, pain relief and treatment to stabilize patients suffering from shock, radiographs are taken off the fractured bones to assess the extent of the damage. We are then able to discuss options for repair depending on the case.

General Anaesthetics

Before every anesthetic, we weigh up and discuss the risk versus the gain for that patient. A physical examination is performed, and blood tests offered for old or compromised animals to check for hidden risk factors. Common conditions requiring general anesthesia in aged patients are dental disease causing painful, infected mouths and growing lumps or tumours. Treatment under anesthesia can significantly improve a pet’s quality of life and relieve or avert suffering.

The trained staff at Aurora Animal Clinic take great care when monitoring anesthetized pets. Through close observation and monitoring devices, they continually assess the patient and record their progress on an anesthetic chart. Measurements of heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturation assist the nurse in monitoring the patient’s condition. Attention is given to retention of body warmth, especially for smaller patients who lose heat readily. Pain relief is a high priority and is administered before recovery and again post-op if needed.

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