Road Trip Essentials for Your Pet

  • Car sickness – A very common phone call we get in the summer is from frustrated owners looking for help with their car-sick dogs. Yes, there are a few different medications we can use to get motion sickness under control. It may also help to feed your dog at least 3-4 hours prior to travel and try to keep them from looking backwards out of the back window.
  • Anxiety – Some pets just aren’t meant to be jet-setters! Whether it be anxiety about the car, plane, new places, fireworks, etc, we have products and strategies to help you manage. Vacations should be fun for the whole family!
  • Identification – It’s never a bad idea to have your phone number and the address of where you are staying on your dog’s collar. Key ID tags will work fine for a short-term trip. Heaven forbids your pet to happen to take off from an unfamiliar cottage or rest-stop along the way, you want to be reachable.
  • Food/Water – It’s always a good idea to pack a few extra servings of your pet’s food. You never know when your vehicle may break down or have weather slow you down. The last thing you want to be worried about is running out of food.
  • Clean up supplies – Poop and scoop is just the right thing to do. Along those lines, I always travel with an extra paper towel and fabric spray. Nobody wants to be stuck in a hot car filled with the smell of dog vomit.
  • A note on cats – Although cats do fine in small carriers for short distances, if you are going to be making a long trek with them, it’s in their best interest to have a little more space. What we recommend is getting a medium/large dog crate, having their bed/house on one side and then a little box on the other.

Written by Caitlin, RVT