October Is RVT Month!

October is RVT month! What is an RVT? Let’s let their pets tell you.


My mom is the best. She loves me so much she named me after it! I love you, Ily.

Everyday mom leaves for a bit to help other dogs and cats. She’s in charge of getting the supplies the clinic needs, including the delicious treats everyone loves. She’s also the top lady for all things snuggles and love. My mom has such a big heart she opens it to every pet she takes in, and we babysit lots of friends. #companionanimalRVT #huganRVT


Look into my eyes, are you looking? My mom looks at my eyes a lot, and my nose, and my skin, and my teeth. Hahaha, she loves teeth. My mom is great at cleaning teeth, so they look like pearls straight out of an oyster. She’s always checking on other pets that are in surgery. She keeps close eyes on sleeping pets and gets them ready to face the day. #surgeryRVT #RVTlove


I love to play. Hey, wait, was that a ball? Oh sorry, I got distracted for a second. My mom is the best trainer ever. Even though sometimes my energy gets the best of me and I want to play fetch until the sun goes down; my mom has taught me when to sit, stay, and be a good boy. She teaches other people’s dogs also to be good boys, and she knows so much about behaviour (she’s like the puppy whisperer). #behaviourspecialistRVT #20yearRVT


My mom takes the best care of me, just like she does with all her patients at work and the humans attached to them. She’s like a racecar at the clinic. Sometimes I watch her run around, always giving the best advice to the nice people with their pets. She’s always smiling, even when she’s looking at ear smears or putting some cat’s pee under a microscope. #labratoryRVT #RVTlife

Written by Rachael Russell, RVT