Metabolic Diet and Me

Hi! My name is Jackson and I am one of the Boston Terrier pets here at Aurora Animal Clinic I’m the biggest of the bunch, I am super tall! Today I would like to share my journey through a lifestyle change with you.

I started off eating dry food from a pet store. It was pretty good and in my younger years, I kept moving and playing so I kept at a good weight. As I got older though I played a little less and gained a little extra insulation for the winter. So Rachael changed up my diet.

Now I eat Hills Metabolic and I’m happy to say it changed my life! I have so much more energy to play with friends and go on the long hikes my family likes. My old winter jacket fits again which is great cuz I look awesome in it! I’ve gone from 33 lbs to 26 lbs.

Metabolic Diet_Before Metabolic Diet_After

Written by Caitlin, RVT

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November Is Pet Diabetes Month

What is diabetes?Diabetes is a common condition affecting middle aged-older pets. Diabetes mellitus (aka diabetes) is a condition where the body is not able to use glucose (sugar) appropriately. Glucose is the main source of energy for all the cells of the body.

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