Fear Free

The name speaks for itself really. Fear Free, without fear, free of stress and anxiety. A lot of times we hate bringing our pets to the vet, simply because it’s scary for them and us. I’ve heard it lots of times; “My dog can tell the minute we pull into the plaza,” “My cat sees the carrier, and I won’t see them for days.”

Trust us, we know it’s not always glitter and roses when our friends come to visit. However, we want to change that!!

So what are we trying to do?
Your staff at AAC are on their way to becoming fear free certified.

What does that mean?
We are training on better techniques of welcoming your pets into the clinic and working to make overall experiences stress/fear/anxiety free. We have taken courses through Fear Free, a course developed by Dr. Marty Becker, to certify veterinary professional, and other people in the pet industry.

Looking ahead!
Keep an eye on the blog for further development and tips and tricks on how you can help to make your veterinary experience, fear/stress/anxiety free.

Written by: Rachel Russell, RVT