Dog Anal Gland Expression

Anal glands are scent glands that are located just inside the rectum. These glands are naturally expressed each time a dog has a bowel movement. Sometimes these glands don’t empty on their own and can become infected and even rupture which is very painful.

Should I drain my dog’s anal glands at home?

We do not recommend this procedure to be done a home. Some animals will experience pain and may bite without proper restraint.

If my dog scoots on the carpet a lot, does this mean their anal glands are impacted?

Not always, however, if this does occur we should check to make sure the glands are not blocked or infected.


The Purrfect Holiday

Friends are laughing, ornaments flying everywhere, gifts tucked under trees, etc.We love the holiday season and we love our cats, but sometimes the two don’t always go together.

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