Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Feeder

Aurora Animal Clinic is very excited to announce a new product we have in stock, the Doc and Phoebe Indoor Hunting Feeder! 

This product is the perfect new environmental enrichment product for our indoor cats! We all know that although indoor cats live a safer, happier life; the boredom of living inside can sometimes manifest itself as annoying habits and behaviours. These feeders give your cat back the hunting experience! They also work great for cats that eat too fast.

How it works:

Divide your cat’s meal between the five mice. My cat is a “food-hound”, so I set these up for him twice daily, at his usual feeding times. He eats ½ cup of kibble every day, so I divide a ¼ cup between the mice twice daily.

Hide em’! When you are first starting out this adventure, hide them in rather apparent locations, i.e. near where their food bowl would be, popular spots they hang out, etc. Once they get the idea, challenge them! Some great places I have found is the bookshelf, under the bed/dresser, in a shoe, behind doors, etc. Use your imagination!

Watch the fun unfold!

Clean and repeat! The mouse “casing” can be popped off of the plastic insert for easy cleaning purposes.

Here is a picture of the product:

Doc Hunter

Written by Caitlin Johnston, RVT