Changing Tides

As you come into the clinic, you and your pets will notice a change in the air. Aurora Animal Clinic is not only upgrading its walls but also it’s team. We are excited to undergo some fabulous construction to bring a fresh look to the clinic and will be adding to the team with some fresh new faces.

Emily (Veterinary Technician)

Emily first joined the Aurora Animal Clinic team in January 2018 as a co-op student, through Seneca’s Veterinary Technician program; she was hired full time upon graduation. She has always held love and respect for animals, and being able to work with them every day is like a dream come true. At home, she loves to spend time with her adopted hound Khol and her lizard Chumbo.

Sarah H. (Veterinary Technician)

Sarah is a graduate of Georgian College and has an extensive background in emergency medicine and nutrition. She has a soft spot for misfit animals and has opened her home to many of them. When not at work, she spends her time with her son Bentley, hiking with her dogs and enjoying a good book. She has six dogs (Kaleigh – Dutch Shepherd, Graycie – Terrier mix, Lily and Kya – Chihuahuas, Dansby and Fuddgie – Yorkies), three cats (Henry, Cleopawtra and Athena), two hamsters (Griffyn and Weasley) and two rats (Paddfoot and Scabbers).

Rachael (Veterinary Technician)

Joined our team as an animal care assistant and is now a full-fledged technician, ready to go! She has three pet rats, a cat named Wally, and a Boston Terrier named Jackson (check out his blog). She has a passion for pet rehabilitation and loves summer months with her furry friends. You won’t catch this chickee outside for too long in our Canadian cold.

Hasta Luego (see you later)…

Wanda will be with us part-time. She is excited to pursue a position with Animal Services!

Caitlin will be with us part-time. She is happily working in the emergency medicine industry!

Bienvenu Encore (welcome back)…

Marci has rejoined the forces post-maternity leave and we are so happy to have her back in the saddle.

Ol’ Faithful

As always we are ever grateful to the technicians Veronica, Sharla, and Sarah W., who are sticking it out and rocking it daily! As well as our great friends Julie and Suzanne, for all their commitment to us in times of need.