Cat Parasite Control and Prevention

Young kittens and outside cats are most prone to intestinal parasites. Kittens can get intestinal parasites from nursing from an infected mother cat. Outside cats often pick up parasites from their rodent prey and other outdoor cats.

What are some internal cat parasites?

Some common internal parasites that we see in cats are roundworms, tapeworms, and coccidia.

What are parasite infestation symptoms in cats?

Often there are no clinical signs unless the infestation is heavy enough. Clinical signs can range from diarrhea to vomiting up or passing worms in their stool.

Do parasites affect humans?

Yes some internal parasites can affect humans, especially young children and adults that are immunocompromised. The cat roundworm (toxocara cati) larvae can migrate to your eyes and other organs. It is very important to keep the environment clean and wash your hands very well to prevent the spread of internal parasites.

What is the deworming schedule?

Kittens should be treated in 2-week intervals until 4 months of age. Adult outdoor cats can be dewormed monthly especially if they are actively hunting.

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