Canine Influenza Virus

The H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus has been recently reported in 5 dogs in Southwestern Ontario. This is the first reported incidence of this disease in Canada, believed to have been brought in by dogs rescued from South Korea.

There are multiple confirmed cases of Canine Influenza in several U.S. states, with reports of dogs becoming infected in crowded animal shelters, and also cases of virus transmission at dog shows.

Fortunately, the disease is not contagious to people, but it spreads rapidly from dog to dog via nasal secretions and coughing. Symptoms can look much like Kennel Cough with coughing and mild sneezing, while more severe cases can result in fever, decreased appetite, and pneumonia. With proper care and nutrition, animals usually recover in a few weeks. For now, we are hoping that the outbreak of the virus is contained, but if the virus begins to spread to larger populations of dogs in Southern Ontario, there is a new H3N2 strain Canine Influenza Vaccine which will be available at Aurora Animal Clinic.

Written by Aurora Animal Clinic