Top 10 things to have when you get a new puppy

Top 10 things to have when you get a new puppy Crate – Crate training is your best friend! Your puppy’s crate should be large enough that they are able to stand, turn around and lay down on their side. If you have a growing, large breed puppy, you may want to get a crate […]

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Dog Dental Cleaning at Home

Brushing your dog’s teeth is the best. Just like in humans, the number one thing you can do for your pet’s oral health is brush those pearly whites! The easiest way to get your pet used to brushing is to start while they are young, i.e. puppy or kitten. That being said, old pets can learn […]

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How to not break your dog's heart this Valentine's Day

While you are eating Lindt chocolate this Valentine’s Day, please avoid sharing them with the love of your life… your dog! Chocolate is harmful to dogs for a couple of reasons. The sugar content alone in chocolate is enough to cause vomiting and diarrhea. In some cases, especially for dogs who have a sensitive gastrointestinal […]

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Brutus’ Big Dental Day!

8:00am – Brutus arrives fasted at the clinic, and is quite upset about missing his breakfast. His mom fills out his anesthetic consent sheet, while he gets comfortable in the treatment area. 8:30am – Brutus has pre-operative bloodwork done to make sure his internal organs are in tip-top shape for anesthetic. He also gets a […]

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The Problem with Retractable Leashes

We all understand the appeal of the retractable leash. Your dog is free to toodle around and enjoys themselves while you enjoy a peaceful walk, without getting your shoulder pulled out of its socket. However, these leads do not come without risk. First off, it is important for your dog to know what an acceptable […]

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