Pet of the Month: Kaiser!

Meet out pet of the month, Kaiser!

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Managing Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis is one of the most common concerns that we see both our canine and feline patients for. It manifests itself in many different ways from an obvious limp or lameness to a general lack lustre attitude. The following are different strategies that we use to help manage pain in our furry friends!

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Laundry Pod Ingestion

  Laundry pod ingestions are a rather new toxicity that veterinarians are dealing with. From the perspective of a dog (or child, for that matter) these little pods look like a fun, tasty, treat! The problem is they are full of chemicals. Laundry detergents contain multiple different chemicals in a very concentrated form.

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Poinsettia Toxicity

We field many “my pet ate this, what do I do?” phone calls over the holidays. One of the main offenders, other than chocolate, is Poinsettias.

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Why “Anesthesia-Free” Dentistry is a Thing of the Past

Nothing makes veterinary staff cringe more than hearing a pet owner talk about “anesthesia-free’ dental cleanings. Not only are they potentially dangerous and stressful for your pet, they are also essentially useless. The first piece of knowledge that clients need to know is that A WHITE TOOTH DOES NOT MEAN A HEALTHY TOOTH.

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