Aurora Animal Clinic’s Favourite Cat Toys!

The most common concern of cat owners these days is their cat’s WEIGHT. It can sometimes be a touchy subject as a lot of owners feel as though they are trying and not getting results.

Let’s face it; the average domestic house cat is not always the most athletic of creatures. However, being overweight can lead to an entire slew of health problems in our feline friends. Osteoarthritis, diabetes and urinary tract disorders are on the rise, especially in the pudgy guys.

An easy place to start is food puzzle toys! These toys get cats moving and get their brains working! The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery by UC Berkeley suggests that the foraging behaviour these toys create is not only great for their waistlines but also help to improve their emotional state but busting boredom!

  • Funkitty Egg-Cersizer

The Egg-Cersizer is a treat ball in the shape of an egg. It has small adjustable holes that the food or treats fall out of like your cat chases and pushes it around the room. This toy will get your cat moving and mimic their hunting behaviour.

  • Catch Interactive Feeder

The Catch Feeder is a treat/food board that looks like a hedgehog’s back? (You’ll get it when you see it.) Cats have to use their feet to move the food around and get it out of the maze.

  • Catit Senses Treat Maze

The Catit Treat Maze is a feeding tower. The food is accessible from slots in the side and top and can be pushed down to lower levels for easier access. (picture the game Kerplunk).

  • Trixie 5in1 Activity Board

The Tixie activity board is all sorts of fun for cats! There are five different “tasks” in this puzzle. Step 1: Tunnel. The tunnel can hide both treats and toys. Step 2: Squares. The squares can be used to encourage your car to use their tongue! They can house both small treats and liquid. Step 3: Alley. The alley is in wave-like designs, so your cat has to use their paws to pull the treats out. Step 4: Pegs. The pegs allow cats to see the treats and map out a game plan! Step 5: Fish Bowls! Cats have to scoop the treats out with their paws.

  • Homemade!

A little creativity goes a long way! You can make treat toys at home out of simple things! An empty tissue box can provide a great treat hiding environment. You can also turn an old egg carton into a fun treat and toy maze! The sky’s the limit!

Written by Caitlin Johnston