Marci Neilly, RVT

Registered Veterinarian Technician

During Marci’s schooling, she worked at a Wildlife Center and volunteered at a Tiger Sanctuary. This experience motivated Marci to a career working with animals.

Marci graduated from the Animal Care program at Sheridan College in 2001 and then continued her education in the animal field successfully completing the 2-year Veterinary Technician program at Seneca College. Marci has a special interest in pain management and feline medicine and is often called the “cat whisperer” by her co-workers.

Marci has been a registered veterinary technician for the Aurora Animal Clinic since 2003.

During her down time she likes to hang out with her “fur babies” Dexter the DLH, Brutus the Morkie and Kaiser the Sphynx.


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