Caitlin Johnston, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

I have wanted to work in the veterinary industry since I was a child. My grandmothers' on both sides were huge animal lovers, so I think that is what likely inspired my aspirations. I probably drove my parents crazy bringing home injured birds and trying to catch stray kittens, but look where it got me! I had always thought that I wanted to a be a veterinarian until I realized the RVT side of things is much more exciting (in my opinion)! I did a co-op in high school and realized that the variety of things that RVTs get to do daily is more my speed. I graduated with honours from Georgian College’s veterinary technician program in 2011. I then went straight into a full-time position at a local emergency clinic, and the rest is history!

I joined the AAC team in May of 2014. I had been working in emergency medicine for 3 years and was basically looking for a little more structure (and day shifts!). We had worked closely with AAC over the years, and I was impressed with the medicine and the staff, so when the opportunity arose, I jumped! I still have an interest in emergency medicine and work part-time at a referral/emergency clinic. I am also quite interested in behaviour and dentistry.

What I love most about my job are the patients! Nothing feels better than a helping a sick pet get well and go home with their family. I have two favourites: the staff and the clients. The staff at AAC are awesome; it's literally like one big family. I also believe that we have the best clients in the world.

I currently have three dogs (Tucker, Flynn and Fergus) and two cats (Julius and Fuller) all of whom have been adopted along with my veterinary journey. I am a sucker for big mutts and orange tabbies. In my spare time, I play hockey, kayak, run, and try to sneak in some reading!

My first pet was a Teddy Bear Hamster named Zippity. My parents also had a Beagle named Jenna at the time.


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